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1-EyeHeartPot   (eye) (heart) (marijuana leaf)
1-668TheNeighbor   668 The Neighbor of the Beast T Shirt
4-ALittleBirdie   A Little Birdie told me... Refrigerator Magnet
1-WeekendWasted   A Weekend Wasted Isn't A Wasted Weekend T Shirt
4R-3704Allgrownupsex   All grown up and still thinking about sex
4R-AllGrownUpRockStar-4032   All Grown Up And Still Waiting To Be A Rockstar Round Button
5-AllMommyWanted   All Mommy Only Wanted was a Back Rub Onesie T shirt
4R-ArtJunkie-3757   Art Junkie Round Button
4-7391-Askyourdoctor   Ask your doctor if Marijuana is right for you Refrigerator Magnet
4R-3760BeingSelfSufficient   Being a self sufficient adult is over rated
1-BongHitsJesus   Bong Hits for Jesus. He'd take one for you! T Shirt
1-BongHitsJesusTie-Dye   Bong Hits for Jesus. He'd take one for you! Tie Dye T Shirt
4R-BookJunkie-3756   Book Junkie Round Magnet
4-7175Clickyourheelsfuck   Click your heels together and go fuck yourself
4-7474-Coffeeifyourenot   Coffee! If you're not shaking you need another cup Refrigerator Magnet
1-Commando   Commando T Shirt
1-DaddyWanted   Daddy Wanted T Shirt
5-DaddysLittle   Daddy's Little Squirt Onesie
4-DanceSingLoveLive   Dance Sing Love Live Refrigerator Magnet
1-DisciplinWanted   Discipline Wanted T Shirt
1-DontForgetRubber   Don't Forget Your Rubber You Know You're A SLUT!
4-DontForgetYourRubber   Don't Forget Your Rubber...
4-7865Joan-Crawford   Don't Make Me Go All Joan Crawford on your ass. Refrigerator Magnet
1-Dontmakemesendmonkeys   Don't Make Me Send the Flying Monkeys After You!
1-DontTalkToTheFace   Don't Talk To The Face. I'm The One In Charge. T Shirt
1-DontYouLove   Don't you just love having a dick? T Shirt
1-eatavegetarian   eat a vegetarian T Shirt
1-EqualityForAll   Equality For All T Shirt
1-EveryTimeYouMasturbate   Every time you masturbate, Satan gets a kitten.
4R-3686-Forecastfortonight   Forecast for tonight alcohol low standards
5-FormalWear   Formal Wear Tuxedo Baby T-Shirt
1-ItsAllFunAndGames   Front: It's all fun and games; until someone puts an eye out...Back: Then it's hilarious!
1-LACountyJail   Front: Los Angeles County Jail Back: Go for the food... T Shirt
1-SpankMe   Front: Spank Me; Back: Seriously, Spank Me!! T Shirt
1-TheLouderYouYell   Front: The louder you yell, the more you are part of the problem
Back: It's time to start talking, America T Shirt
4-7234FucktheAntiGaySign   Fuck the Anti Gay Sign
1-Gameaholic   Gameaholic
1-GivenEnoughCoffee   Given enough coffee I COULD RULE THE WORLD! T Shirt
1-GoodCatholicBoyGirl   Good Catholic Boy/Girl Gone Bad
1-Haikus   Haikus are easy; But sometimes they don't make sense; Refrigerator
1-HeavyDuty   Heavy Duty T Shirt
5-HungLikeA5Year   Hung Like A 5 Year Old Baby T shirt
1-HusbandMaterial   Husband Material T Shirt
1-Iheartrooster   I (heart) (rooster)
4R-3817Iheartbacon   I (heart) Bacon
1-IHeartMyBud   I (heart) my bud T Shirt
1-IHeartMyRooster   I (Heart) my Rooster T Shirt
4R-3722Ihaveafeeling   I have a feeling tonight will end in rehab
1-IHeartBears-olive   I Heart Bears T Shirt
4R-3633-Ihopemyliver   I hope my liver is having as much fun as I am
1-IJustFoundOutPorn   I Just Found Out there's more than PORN on the internet T Shirt
1-ILikeFreakingPeopleOut   I Like Freaking People Out T Shirt
4-7514-IheartBacon   I love Bacon Refrigerator Magnet
4-7563-IheartCatsItsPeople   I Love Cats. It's People I Can't Stand Refrigerator Magnet
4R-3698Imaybeold   I may be old but at least I got to see all the cool bands
4-7358Imaybeoldcool   I may be old, but I got to see all the cool bands
1-IwasHorny   I Was Horny It Doesn't Count T Shirt
1-SpankingMyMonkey   I'd Rather Be Spanking My Monkey T Shirt
1-IdRatherJust Complain   i'd rather just complain T Shirt
1-IllBeAVegie   I'll be a vegetarian when vegetables taste like BACON! T Shirt
4-7880-IllHaveACafeMocha   I'll have a Cafe Mocha Vodka Marijuana Latte to go Please Refrigerator Magnet
1-ImNotSlacking   I'm Not Slacking Off: My Code Is Compiling.
4R-3708Ifitwasntforpot   If it wasn't for pot, I'd be a serial killer
1-IfYoureHorny   If You're Horny and You Know it Clap Your Hands T Shirt
5-iPoop   iPoop Onesie T shirt
1-iPoop   iPoop T shirt
4-8526Itsbeenlovely   It's been lovely, but I have to scream now.
1-KinkyFeatherPrevertedChicken   Kinky is using a Feather Perverted is using a live chicken T Shirt
1-LiveLoveLaugh   Live Love Laugh T Shirt
4R-3755-MarijuanaPromoting   Marijuana! Promoting good times since uh whenever
1-MedicalMarijuana   Medical Marijuana T Shirt
1-meh   meh T Shirt
4-7723MomsRock   Moms Rock
1-MyInnerChild   My Inner Child is Clutching an Assault Rifle
4R-703SexualPreference   My Sexual Preference is Often
4-8600NaughtAquarius   Naughty Aquarius
4-8602NaughtyAries   Naughty Aries
4-8605NaughtyCancer   Naughty Cancer
4-8611NaughtyCapricorn   Naughty Capircorn
4-8604NaughtyGemini   Naughty Gemini
4-8606NaughtyLeo   Naughty Leo
4-8608NaughtyLibra   Naughty Libra
4-8601NaughtyPisces   Naughty Pisces
4-8610NaughtySagittarius   Naughty Sagittarius
4-8609NaughtyScorpio   Naughty Scorpio
4-8603NaughtyTaurus   Naughty Taurus
4-8607NaughtyVirgo   Naughty Virgo
4-8372NiceAquarius   Nice Aquarius
4-8374NiceAries   Nice Aries
4-8377NiceCancer   Nice Cancer
4-8383NiceCapricorn   Nice Capricorn
4-8376NiceGemini   Nice Gemini
1-NiceJewishBoy   Nice Jewish Boy Gone Wild!! T Shirt
4-8378NiceLeo   Nice Leo
4-8380NiceLibra   Nice Libra
4-8373NicePisces   Nice Pisces
4-8382Nice Sagittarius   Nice Sagittarius
4-8381NiceScorpio   Nice Scorpio
4-8375NiceTaurus   Nice Taurus
4-8379NiceVirgo   Nice Virgo
4-7642NoDrama   No Drama
4-7447-NoOneCanMakeYouFeel   No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent Refrigerator Magnet
4R-NoOneCanMakeYouFeel-3743   No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent Round Magnet
1-OhComeOn   Oh Come On! All the cool kids are doing it T Shirt
4R3786-OneCannotBeExpected   One Cannot Be Expected To Stay Sober All Morning Round Magnet
1-OnlypretendingNormal   Only pretending to be Normal T Shirt
1-OpentoInappropriateTouch   Open to Inappropriate Touch T Shirt
4R-3682-Patienceisawaste   Patience is waste of time
4R-732PeaceSymbol   Peace Symbol
1-PlaysWellWithSelf   Plays Well With Self T Shirt
4-7174CapsLockAll   Please don't make me go all CAPS LOCK on your ass
4R-3617-PleasePullYourPants   Please pull up your pants and go away
1-PotMakesLifeBetter   Pot just makes life better T Shirt
4R-646Potleaf   Pot Leaf
1-RageAgainstBeige   Rage Against Beige T Shirt
1-RehabQuiters   Rehab is for Quitters T Shirt
1-Revenge   Revenge is a great motivator T Shirt
1-Rockaholic   Rockaholic
1-SarcasmANatural   Sarcasm: a natural reaction to stupid T Shirt
1-SeekTruth   Seek Truth T Shirt
4R-3705ShoeSlut   Shoe Slut
4R-SleepsWellWithOthers-3768   Sleeps Well With Others Round Magnet
4R-697SmilieFace   Smilie Face
4-7772SoWheresMyPony   So where's my Pony Refrigerator Magnet
1-SodomitesKickAss   Sodomites Kick Ass - among other ass things
4-9062-Tactisforpeople   Tact is for People who aren't Witty enough to be Sarcastic Refrigerator Magnet
4R-Tact-4992   Tact is for People who aren't Witty enough to be Sarcastic Round Magnet
4-7073Tallulah Bankhead   Tallulah Bankhead
test123   test
1-CircleOfLife   The Circle of Life T Shirt
1-PoliceNeverThink   The Police Never Think It's As Funny As You Do! T Shirt
1-TheRadicalGayAgenda   The Radical Gay Agenda: Love Thy Neighbor Repeatedly T Shirt
1-TheresNoSuchThingCoffee   There's No Such Thing as Strong Coffee just weak people T Shirt
4-ToDoIsToBe-9481   To Do Is To Be... Refrigerator Magnet
4R-3805tosavetimeassume   To save time let's assume I'm never wrong
4-TooMuchofaGoodThing   Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Wonderful Mae West Refrigerator Magnet
1-TranquilityBiteMe   Traquility, Harmony, Balance, BITE ME T Shirt
1-TrophyHusband   Trophy Husband
1-VampireBait   Vampire Bait T Shirt
4-8069-VegetarianIndian   Vegetarian Indian Word for lousy Hunter Refrigerator Magnet
1-WakeBake   Wake and Bake T Shirt
4-WereNotGossiping-7558   We're Not Gossiping. We're plotting our evil left wing feminist agenda Refrigerator Magnet
4R-3731-Welcometofunside   Welcome to the fun side of the Rainbow
1-WWSD   What Would Scooby Doo? T Shirt
4-WhyMenTwoHands-7612   Why Men Have Two Hands Refrigerator Magnet
4-WhyYesIDoHaveThatFreshly   Why Yes I Do Have That Freshly Fucked Look Refrigerator Magnet
4-7517-WineHowClassy   Wine! How Classy People Get Shitfaced Refrigerator Magnet
1-Youarehere   You are here

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