I grew up in Los Angeles where getting dressed up means putting on the "good" jeans. I now live in San Diego where getting dressed up means wearing the cleaner shorts.

So casual wear is pretty much all I know.

I've always loved wearing fun and cool t-shirts and one day I was in a major retail store (whose name rhymes with "Smarget") looking at their t-shirts. Some were pretty good and some were, well, lame and I thought, "I could better than these." And Flying Hamsters was born!

Where did the name, Flying Hamsters, come from? When I picking a name for the company, I started with things like MichaelsTs and other boring names. A friend of mine said to pick something that people would remember. My mind went fairly quickly to "hamsters" and within a short time I came up with Fun With Hamsters.

Now it turns out, I'm pretty much the only person on Earth who whose mind thought that Fun With Hamsters was fun and playful - and fun and playful ONLY. Turns out pretty much everyone else, thought of an unfortunate gerbil and a famous Hollywood actor.

Back to the Hamster drawing board, as it were, I went. I kicked around a number of "hamster" names and Flying Hamsters just seemed to be everything I wanted to convey - playful, fun and a little (OK, a lot) twisted.

In the next update, What it's been like to be the single person behind this whole business...

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